Catechesis for Children

Catechesis for Children

Time Travelers (Pre-K to Grade 3) meet every Sunday at 8:30am Mass, children are invited to participate in an age-appropriate Bible Study during the Liturgy of the Word. The priest will call children to the altar during Mass, give a special blessing, and dismiss them to Atrium (in the church basement) led by a children’s minister. Children return prior to the Eucharistic Prayer.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a Montessori-based program designed for children (Pre-K to 2nd Graders) and volunteer catechists to share their religious experience of Jesus Christ in a quiet, prayerful environment. In the Holy Name Atrium, work and study spontaneously become meditation, contemplation, and prayer. Space is limited to 15 children in Level I, and 12 children in Level II.

Saints Among Us curriculum is used for children (3rd Graders) reflects the Restored Order of the Sacraments of Initiation.  

Curriculum for children in 4th and 5th grade is currently under review and planning due to the restored order of the Sacraments.  

All children's faith formation classes will begin meeting Thursdays, starting September 28th at 345pm.

Director of Religious Education for Young Children Maureen Maloney   970-879-1225