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33 Days to Morning Glory

This Program, from The Augustine Institute's FORMED, is a beautiful, comprehensive preparation for consecration to Jesus through Mary.

To be consecrated is to be set aside for a sacred purpose. This consecration is the giving of one's life to Our Lord in service and love. 
By following Our Blessed Mother's example, we can completely give ourselves to Christ in a fundamental way that consecrates us to Him.

True devotion to Jesus through Mary, as taught by St. Louis de Montfort, aims essentially at union with Jesus under the guidance of Mary.
St. Louis was the first great prophet of this devotion and consecration. AND he is the first of four Saints who will be our retreat guides.

For 33 days, participants read one short chapter each day from the book, 33 Days to Morning Glory, by Father Michael Gaitley. 
The accompanying study guide takes us deeper into our understanding of the process.
We meet once a week for five weeks, watch a video and, in small group discussions, share what we're learning.

Tim Brodman will be leading a men's group with the first meeting on April 10th and the Consecration on May 13th, the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady's first Apparition at Fatima.

Jo Lauter will be facilitating a woman's group during the same 33 day period. 

Everyone is welcome to join a group or to prepare for and make the consecration through your own private study. 
This particular 33 days is an extraordinary time in the life of our Holy Catholic Church to make grow nearer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Fatima.

More information to come from Tim Brodman about the men's group.

Contact Jo Lauter at 879-7106 with questions about the women's group. More details about the program at: 33 Days on