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Holy Matrimony

 Marriage Preparation Checklist for Engaged Couples:

1.  Call Holy Name Catholic Church at 970-879-0671 to schedule a meeting to discuss wedding preparations.  (8-12 months before wedding)

2.  Initial Meeting (8 months before wedding):

  • Complete Marriage Forms
  • Schedule ceremony & rehearsal
  • Pay sanctuary fees
  • Introduction to conjugal love
  • Discuss marital consent
  • Register for marriage preparation course
  • Register for Natural Family Planning Course

3.  FOCCUS Inventory (7-8 months before wedding):

  • Complete FOCCUS Inventory (online or in person at the Church)
  • Meet with FOCCUS Facilitator

4.  Marriage Preparation Program

  • Start marriage prep course
  • Introduction to Theology of the Body
  • Schedule second meeting with parish contact
  • Submit records to Holy Name Office (1 year to 6 months prior to wedding)
    • Baptismal Records
    • Declaration of Nullity (if applicable)
    • Death Certificate (if applicable)
    • Copy of civil marriage license (if seeking convalidation)  
  • Complete and return Freedom of Marry Forms

5.  Natural Family Planning (6 months before wedding)

6.  Final Meeting (4-6 weeks before the wedding)

  • Have final meeting with your priest or deacon
  • Submit certificates of completion for:
    • FOCCUS Inventory
    • Marriage Prep Course
    • Natural Family Planning Course
  • Provide liturgy and music selection to liturgy coordinator "Together for Life" book
  • Plan rehearsal
  • Apply for marriage license at any county clerk office (date of license must not exceed 30 days prior to the wedding)

7.  Sacrament of Reconciliation (1 to 2 weeks before the wedding)

  • Go to confession
  • Deliver marriage license to parish