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Opportunities for Time & Talent

Opportunities with Children & Youth

Kid Packs

Organize & refill children's activities pack for weekend Masses.  It takes less than an hour to replenish & organize the packs with a few friends or family members and you will receive the gifts of seeing our children AND parents so happy to have some quiet activities for kids to complete during Mass!  If interested, contact Mo Crouch at [email protected] or call 970-879-1225.

Middle School Youth Ministry

If you would like to contribute your time to a small group or to help for a Youth Night or to lead to Middle School Ministry, please contact Kelly Vanderbosch at [email protected] .

High School Youth Ministry

If you would like to support the High Youth Program as a small group leader or become more involved, please contact Kelly Vanderbosch at [email protected]

**Youth Night Meals**

If you would like to pick-up, set-up, serve, and clean-up for the Youth Night meals on the 1st & 3rd nights of the month. The Church purchases the meals, we just ask for your time to pick-up, etc.  Please contact Kelly Vanderbosch at [email protected] for more information.

Children's Ministry

To help support Children's Faith Formation (Pre-K-5th grades), contact Mo Crouch at [email protected] or 970-879-1225.


Meals & Hospitality Opportunities

After Mass Receptions

Set-up & Clean-up for the after Mass receptions one weekend per month!  The Church pays for the food that is not donated so we just ask you to donate your time to make sure that the reception is a hospitable event.  To help with Saturday evening or Sunday morning receptions, contact Jim Sitlington at 970-371-4700 or a [email protected]  To help with Sunday evening receptions, contact Renee Gilbertson at 904-571-7940.

Funeral Reception Ministry

To help with set-up, serving, and clean-up for the funeral ministry, please contact Betsy Johnston at 970-879-0671.  

Special Event/ Party Planning

To support and organize for special events sponsored by Holy Name Catholic Church (set-up chairs, reception set-up, and hospitality), please contact Holly MacKinnon at 720-266-7494.

*RCIA Meals on Tuesday Evenings*

If you would like to donate your time or cooking talent to the RCIA group that meets in the HN Youth Room each Tuesday, please contact the Church Office at 970-879-0671.

Community Dinner

If you interested in helping with the Community Dinner on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month, contact Jim Sitlington at 970-371-4700 for more information.

Home Delivered Meals

If you are interested in helping making & delivering homemade meals for people in special circumstances (sick, after surgery, etc), please contact the Church Office at 970-879-0671.


General Opportunities

Pew Straightening

To help preparation our Church for the weekend Liturgy and special events by helping to straighten books and clean pews, please call the Church Office at 970-879-0671.  This ministry is in particular need and can be completed whenever you have time to devote to helping make our place of worship organized and beautiful!

Religious Goods Shop

The Gifts for the Spirit Shop needs help with opening and operating after every Mass.  If you are interested, contact Carol Ward at 970-879-0671.

Counting Offertory

The parish needs help with counting the donations from the weekend Masses on Tuesday, mornings at 9:30am.  If you are interested, contact Carol Ward at 970-879-0671.  

Candles & Holy Water Fonts

If you would like to help refill votive candles and wash & fill holy water fonts, please contact the Church Office at 970-879-0671.

Mail Support 

To help with stuffing envelopes and mailings, please contact the Church Office at 970-879-0671.

Building & Grounds Support

To help with building and ground maintenance, please call the Church Office at 970-879-0671.  

Provide Transportation

To provide transportation for those in need of a ride, please contact the Church office at 970-879-0671.


Ministry Specific Opportunities

Young Adult Ministry

To contribute your time to the Young Adult Ministry, please contact Sam Schultz at [email protected] .

Marriage Ministry

To support our Marriage Ministry with by becoming a mentor couple or planning a event for married couples, please contact Nissa Brodman at [email protected] or 970-846-5631.

FertilityCare Mentorship or Instruction

To be mentor couple for couples beginning to practice FertilityCare or Natural Family Planning, please contact Nissa Brodman at [email protected] or call 970-846-5631.

Liturgical Ministries

To help with any of the weekend liturgical ministries (lecturers, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, hospitality), please contact Nissa Brodman at [email protected] in order to be trained and scheduled for the weekend Masses.

 Small Group Leader

To lead a small group for faith formation or for a new ministry, please contact Nissa Brodman at [email protected] or 970-846-5631.


* = biggest needs currently within the parish